State Orders Church to Stop Giving Away Free Glasses to Homeless People

This is exactly the reason why people don't trust the government. 

If you live in Kentucky and you're giving away free glasses to homeless people, the government would like to have a word with you.

Apparently Kentucky makes it criminal to help visually impaired poor people.

Fox News reports: 

For 16 years, a Kentucky church member has been giving away prescription glasses to the poor. His program, Kendall Optometry Ministry, has become so successful, it has helped thousands of people across 79 countries.
But the state now says the program is illegal and it wants Holland Kendall, the president of Kendall Optometry Ministry, to meet optical standards or close.
Now, his eyeglass charity is at risk.
Kendall said he has been helping homeless people for the past 30 years and got the idea during a mission trip to Honduras. Since 2003, he has given away thousands of used eyeglasses as part of an extension of Fern Creek Baptist Church in Louisville.
But the Kentucky Board of Optometric Examiners and the Kentucky Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers claim the practice is illegal because the glasses "are not new, first quality and made to meet the individual's personal prescriptions."
"Optometry Board basically told us we must discontinue this used glasses clinic, even though the used glasses look like new, you can't tell the difference. They don't like that the prescription [is not exact]...but the thing is in all cases it vastly improves the vision," Kendall told Fox News. "I just don't think they're concerned about the homeless people as I am."
If you think this is infuriating, don't forget: Houston made it illegal to feed the homeless without a permit.

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