CNN: Elizabeth Warren's Mouth Could Cause Economic Crash

Senator Elizabeth "Not a Native American" Warren has been screaming doom and gloom at the topic of her lunges about a possible economic crash that could be coming soon.

Okay, but why? Is there something happening in our economy that could cause this hypothetical crash?

Technically, yes, according to CNN - Elizabeth Warren's rhetoric could cause the crash.

Dailywire reports:

A CNN reporter pushed back on Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Monday after Warren warned that she believes that an "economic crash" is coming. The reporter claimed that Warren's big-government policies may actually trigger a "fiscal crisis."
"I warned about an economic crash years before the 2008 crisis, but the people in power wouldn’t listen," Warren wrote. "Now I'm seeing serious warning signs in the economy again — and I’m calling on regulators and Congress to act before another crisis costs America’s families their homes, jobs, and savings."
"Warning lights are flashing," Warren continued. "Whether it's this year or next year, the odds of another economic downturn are high — and growing. Congress and regulators should act immediately to tamp down these threats before it's too late."
Warren warned about the increasing levels of household and corporate debt in the U.S., while also warning about a manufacturing recession.
Warren's claims were disputed during a segment on CNN by business reporter Cristina Alesci, who said that Warren is "proposing some solutions that actually might create another crisis."

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