Louisiana: Rep Ralph Abraham's Family Just Donated to John Bel's Campaign

#Louisiana: if Eddie Rispone is the Republican candidate, why would family members of Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-LA) be donating to Democrat Governor John Bel's campaign?

After Rispone, a well known businessman from Louisiana, secured the #2 spot in the Louisiana gubernatorial campaign and headed to a runoff with incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards (D-LA), one would assume Abraham and his people would throw their support at Rispone's campaign. After all, Eddie and Ralph are both Republicans.

Officially speaking, technically Abraham is endorsing Rispone. He's gone on the record and proclaimed his support for his former opponent.

But money talks - new records reveal a close member of Abraham's family just gave thousands of dollars to John Bel's campaign.

According to campaign finance reports Abraham's son-in-law just gave a $5,000 contribution to the Democrat candidate, the maximum allowable amount according to Louisiana state law.

A recent poll from Fox8 reveals at least 10% of former Abraham voters won't be supporting Rispone on the upcoming runoff election and John Bel currently leads Risponse by at least 2 points. This news is particularly frustrating if you consider that Louisiana voters overwhelmingly chose President Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Trump defeated Hillary by more than double digits - why aren't those same voters coming out for Rispone?!

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