Ohio Animal Rights Activist Stabs Christian For Wearing Fur: Police

Cleveland Heights police report a female animal rights activist stabbed an innocent woman at the Fairmount Boulevard Church. Why? Because the victim was wearing fur boots.

Meredith Lowell is a 35 year old "Woman" of Cleveland Heights. She has been charged with attempted murder and felonious assault for stabbing the victim on Wednesday at Fairmount Presbyterian Church.

When police arrived to the church they found the victim lying inside of the church and holding her left side after being stabbed twice in the abdomen. A nearby good Samaritan was holding the suspect on the floor in an effort to prevent her from fleeing the scene. She was then taken into custody.

The victim volunteers as a child caretaker for parents involved in the church choir.

Witnesses report the suspect was screaming belligerently before the volunteer was violently stabbed.

Why are Leftists so violent?

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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