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Kenny Webster's Pursuit of Happiness

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Harris County Elections Riddled w/ Problems So Far This Year

Remember last year when the Harris County Clerk couldn't meet the deadline to announce the results of the mayoral election?

It turns out not much has changed.

Day one of early voting in the 2020 Primary Elections was not a huge success in Harris County.

There were have been multiple incidents of reported county database issues, according to Holly Hansen at The Texan News.

Poll workers didn't have updated voter registration information. Many registered voters couldn't find their names in the available databases.

Two election judges claim voters arrived at the polls to hand in mail-in ballots for in-person-voting but the database did not have the available information for them to accomplish the task.

Ballot security chairman for the Harris County Republican Party Alan Vera said the oversight could allow for serious election discrepancies.

Vera said, "If the county clerk has not properly loaded the mail ballot information into their system, then these voters could have voted by mail and again in person. The same problem was noted for the first two and half days of early voting for the November 5 elections."

The Texan News reports:

Former State Representative Joe Nixon (R-Houston) was among numerous voters who reported issues.
Nixon told The Texan that he had moved last summer, but promptly changed his registration and driver’s license address. After receiving his updated voter registration card, he voted in the November 2019 elections without any issues. Earlier this month he also received his 2020 voter registration card with his new address.
On attempting to vote on Tuesday, Nixon says the database showed his old address, so poll workers told him he would have to cast a provisional ballot.
As an attorney who often works on election integrity issues, Nixon refused to accept a provisional ballot or fill out a change of address form since he says he knew the error was not his. Poll workers then offered to let him vote in his old precinct.

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