Watch: Wagons, Suitcases, & Coolers Roll Into Detroit Voting Center at 4 AM

Oh, what's this? More misdoings & tomfoolery in the Michigan election?

"How shocking," said nobody.

Brandon Waltens reports:

A new video provided to Texas Scorecard from a poll watcher in Detroit shows wagons, suitcases, and coolers moving in and out of a vote-counting center during the early morning.
In a video taken by Kellye SoRelle—a Texas lawyer and member of Lawyers for Trump—a white van is seen parked in front of the location at 2:40 a.m. A box is taken out of the van and placed into a red wagon, which is then pulled inside the facility. SoRelle is raising alarms that the box may have been a ballot box that arrived long after all ballots were expected to have been received at the counting facility.
Other images appear to show suitcases and coolers moving in and out of the secure area where mail-in ballots were being counted during a shift change at 4 a.m.
According to SoRelle, visitors were able to enter and leave the facility where the votes are being counted without any identification check. The workers were apparently working in six-hour shifts, meaning they did not have a need for overnight luggage.
Michigan is currently one of several states labeled too close to call, with allegations of potential voter fraud being leveled by President Donald Trump. On Monday afternoon, Trump’s campaign announced they would file suit to halt the counting of ballots in the state until the campaign could be given “meaningful access” to Michigan’s counting locations to observe the process, something campaign manager Bill Stephien says has not been afforded.