Watch: BLM Mob Raids Texas Restaurant & Tries to Start a Riot

BLM & Antifa won't rest until your life is miserable and nobody is happy.

Earlier this week at a restaurant in Dallas, Texas an angry mob of BlackLivesMatter activists decided to harass people & attempted to start a riot.

The Summit News reports:

The whole incident was caught on camera by an African-American man called Damani Bryant Felder who denounced the mob as “ruining an otherwise peaceful evening with their BS.”
The video shows the mob, which consisted mainly of white people, shouting about George Floyd as bemused diners looked on. Two of the tables nearest the protesters are occupied by black families.
The mob proceeds to shout swear words in the direction of little black children, before fights begin to break out.
“They create the unrest then they get upset when someone actually speaks up for themselves,” states Felder.
Some of the mob then began throwing objects at the diners as Dallas police were forced to make arrests and use tear gas.
“This is marxism, cultural marxism to a tee, they did not come out here to be heard, they came out here to create a scene,” states Felder, noting that the restaurant was full of both white and black people, as well as a black musician, enjoying a peaceful evening before BLM agitators showed up.

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