Watch: BLM Tried to Invade Small Town But Locals & Police Shut Them Down

We've seen and heard plenty of examples of BLM and Antifa groups invading small communities and causing havoc. Here's one small town who would not allow it.

Ryan Saavedra reports:

A group of “racial justice protesters” only made it roughly half-an-hour into their demonstration before their event reportedly turned violent and ended with confrontations with residents and law enforcement officials.
“Racial justice protesters had marched through part of Springfield’s Thurston neighborhood without incident for only about a half an hour Wednesday night before they found themselves met with a wall of police behind barricades blocking their progress,” the Register-Guard of Eugene reported. “Just before 9 p.m., police pushed back. The scene devolved into a shoving match. Officers and protesters went to the ground. Black Unity’s Tyshawn Ford was dragged away and arrested.”
Videos showed the activists marching into the suburbs, where they were quickly met by law enforcement officials who declared the event to be “unlawful.” The activists began to attempt to push through a barrier that police put up to keep them out of the residential neighborhood.
KEZI 9 News reported that counter-protesters showed up to confront the leftists and that people reported being “punched, slapped or hit with pepper spray.” The news station reported that multiple people were taken into custody.

Here are some video clips to demonstrate how the botched protest played out.