Watch: Cops Detain Thong-Wearing Women For "Nudity"

It's hard to believe this is illegal in Florida.

A young woman in a bikini top and thong bottom got detained at the beach, but the cops, and woman who called police, are calling her "nude."

Wayback Wednesday Trivia: There's still a law that bans thong bottoms in Florida. They passed it in 1990. Back then, many referred to them as "T-back" or "whale tail." 

Katie Mather reports:

Sam Panda was visiting Myrtle Beach over the weekend when a woman reportedly called the cops on Panda over her bikini.
According to Panda, who posted a video of her being detained by police in the allegedly “offensive” bathing suit on Facebook, the woman who she suspects complained about her was also with a child.
In the video, Panda and two friends, one of whom is filming, ask the police what the exact penal code Panda’s bikini is in a violation of. The video was taken as Panda was being handcuffed on the beach, so it’s unclear what happened in the prior conversation between Panda and the police that led to her being handcuffed.
The cops tell the three friends that they have to come to their car in order for them to explain how Panda’s bikini is “illegal.”

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