Man Shot By Kyle Rittenhouse Provoked People to "Shoot Me" & Used N-Word

The convicted child molester who was shot by teenager Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin earlier this week was seen on video using the N-Word and encouraging people to shoot him.

Will BlackLivesMatter activists defend a white child molester who was seen on video using the N-word while trying to attack a minor?

The Summit News reports:

36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum was one of two men killed by Rittenhouse, who was not the first to discharge his gun and was clearly acting in self-defense.
Following the shooting, it was revealed that Rosenbaum was on Wisconsin’s sex offender registry and was convicted for “sexual conduct with a minor.”
Reporter Julio Rosas revealed that he caught Rosenbaum on camera earlier in the night trying to provoke armed citizens and using racial slurs.
The clip shows Rosenbaum repeating the phrase, “Shoot me, nigga!”
Given that Rosenbaum was white and he used the n-word, it wouldn’t be totally outside the realms of plausibility for the left to try to drop this story altogether, although their effort to vilify Rittenhouse as a “domestic terrorist” still appears to be the stronger motivation.