Texas University Tells Students: Wear Masks During Masturbation

A publicly funded university in Texas (that you've definitely heard of) is encouraging students to "mask-urbate": wear a mask while you masturbate to prevent the spread of coronavirus... huh?

Laugh all you want, but if you're wearing a mask then you can't give yourself coronavirus!

Abigail Streetman reports:

The University of North Texas’s Student Health and Wellness Center has some advice for students about how to have sex and avoid COVID-19 at the same time.
“Mask-urbate?! Read below to learn more,’ the school told students in a since-deleted tweet, along with an image suggesting that ill students should “skip sex and stay in."
“Mask-urbate! Use face coverings during mutual masturbation to reduce your risk,” read the infographic, complete with the university’s logo.
The image also encouraged students to “be creative with physical barriers & sexual positions to prevent close face-to-face contact,” and to wear masks as well as condoms during sex.
A similar tweet from the account warned students to wear a mask during sex and “talk about to [sic] your partner(s) about COVID-19 risk.” It also told students to “pick a large, well-ventilated space” for sexual activities, “avoid kissing” and “wash your hands before and after.”
Specific requirements from the university request students to maintain six feet of distance between each other “wherever possible.” It also instructs students to “conduct meetings virtually whenever possible. If meeting virtually is not possible, then meeting settings should accommodate distance between participants.”
The school’s guidelines state that “face coverings are not a substitute for appropriate social distancing.”

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