Rick Perry: Maybe We Should Give Psychedelic Mushrooms to Veterans w/ PTSD

If you suffer from PTSD Rick Perry, the former Governor of Texas, has interesting idea to solve your dilemma.

Shawna M Reding reports:

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is back at the State Capitol, pushing for a bill that would order a study of psychedelic drugs to treat post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans.
House Bill 1802 would create a study evaluating the safety and efficacy of certain psychedelic drugs in the treatment of PTSD in vets. According to the Texas Tribune, the bill would direct the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to conduct the clinical study of psilocybin in partnership with a health sciences university and a Veterans Affairs hospital. Psilocybin is the active ingredient in "magic mushrooms."
The Texas proposal would also ask HHSC to do a literature review — a survey of prior studies — of using not just psilocybin but also MDMA and ketamine to treat PTSD in veterans, the Texas Tribune reported.
In the 2020 general election, Oregon became the first state to legalize magic mushrooms. In Washington, D.C., voters elected to decriminalize the use of magic mushrooms and other psychedelic substances.
Perry, the former governor and former U.S. secretary of energy, is joining Texas Rep. Alex Dominguez for a press conference on April 14 to push for the bill. The Texas Tribune reported that Perry will be joined by veterans he's formed a relationship with over the years, including retired Navy SEAL Morgan Luttrell and Dakota Meyer, a Marine veteran and Medal of Honor recipient.
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