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Webster: the Left is trying to destroy your identity. Will you let them?

Greetings, friends!

My name is Kenny Webster, I'm a talk radio personality and comedy writer from Houston, Texas. Some of you might know me from the Walton and Johnson Show, Kenny Webster's Pursuit of Happiness, the Mancow Show, Breitbart Texas, the Michael Berry Show, or from sitting at the bar at your local Gringos Tex-Mex franchise…. Delicious food, by the way. If you've ever laughed at a comedy bit on a right wing talk radio station in Houston over the past decade there's a 78% chance that I wrote and produced it. And if you have heard me on the radio before then you already know that 98% of statistics you hear on the radio are just made up. Including that one.

Anyway, last weekend I had the great honor of speaking at the Truth and Courage Tour with Ted Cruz and Wesley Hunt! If you weren't there and you're curious what I said, here's a transcript of my speech...


Back before Hurricane Ian dominated the news cycle, the first major headlines of the week were about Italy electing a new female prime minister.

Giorgia Meloni is her name and her policy platform isn't that radical or unusual...

Most of you would probably agree.... Unless of course your name is Beto O'Rourke. Or Lina Hidalgo. Or the Houston Chronicle.

Prime Minister Meloni believes that in Italy, their nation needs to return to a culture that believes people and not the government should raise their own children.

Apparently to the Left this is a very controversial opinion.

Liberals were really mad about the election of Giorgia Meloni.

They were so mad you’d of thought someone shutdown the local Olive Garden… or accused them of cultural appropriation.

But why is this so? What is it about basic family values that bothers modern day neo liberals so much?

It's quite simple - if you put your family before the government then you're not worshipping at the altar of their politically correct false God.

You see, valuing family over government is a threat to the Left.

And that's really only part of it.

It's not just that they want to erase your family identity or your religious identity, but your individual identity altogether.

To the collectivist, the individual is nothing more than a number on a computer database.

That's what collectivism is - it's the basis for communism and Marxism and socialism and all the other horrible “-isms” that we find infecting their way into every institution in the Western half of the world these days

Collectivism tells us that if a few unfortunate souls have to die – say, from taking an experimental vaccine, for example- then so be it, because this is all part of the greater good.

You're not a person, you're a consumer.

The Left loves consumerism and corporatism... but don't confuse those two things with capitalism, something they actually hate and despise.

After all, with true capitalism you have the right to say yes or no, and that's exactly what they don't want.

So they attack your right to choose just like they attack your religious identity and, of course, your national identity.

Because although they may worship and love the government, they love globalism even more.

And you can't spread globalism if you're busy being proud of where you come from or how you got there.

And since individuals who have national identity and religious identity are probably also stubborn enough to have gender identity, it's suddenly very important to attack that too.

Amazingly the same group of people who gave us the 6th wave neo feminist movement are now quite adamant about telling us that anyone can be a woman, and anyone can be a man if that's what they choose to be. That’s version of “free to choose.”

Meanwhile our choice is about free speech and the right to self-defense.

Their choice is to deny reality in favor of feelings and raw emotions.

We've seen their radical pronoun politics attack everything from athletic competition to public bathrooms to educational scholarships... Even if it hurts the most vulnerable and delicate among us.

In fact, isn't that really the point?

There's that collectivist goal of putting the so-called common good ahead of the individual once again.

To the Left you can't define yourself as a man or a woman or a Christian or a Jew or a mother or a father.

These are all dirty words that offend them.

They've redefined those words just like they redefined the words “inflation” and “recession.”

To many of us it kinda seems like they’re also redefining common sense.

Again, it's all for the collective good, they claim. More collectivism.

Instead of being a Christian mother or a Jewish father, you are citizen # 9232342 and you'd better learn to like it.

You're a barcode - you're a number. You're nothing more than a cog in the machine.

If you're only a number then you don't have a gender or a race or a religion.

Erasing your identity makes it easier for them to tell you that your rights don't exist. Your God given rights.

They believe that the money in your bank account isn't really yours because they certainly don't believe in private property.

They also believe that the child you're about to give birth to isn't really a human and even if you do decide to keep the child that child belongs to the state.

To them.... You and that child are both slaves to the state, and the state is nothing more than a tool to be used and abused by the globalists at the United Nations or the World Health Organization.

They'll decide what's best for us....at least, that's what they'd like us to believe.

Odds are that most of you already know what I'm talking about. This isn't news to you - you're not stupid people. This is the reason why you even bothered to come here today.

Knowing all of this obviously makes you more aware of what's really happening right in front of your face....

But it also makes you into their enemy.

Because the globalists and the elites love the ignorant and despise the enlightened.

You remember the phrase – “Give them bread and circuses” and they’ll let you do anything.

Well today they’re giving us Tik Tok and Vape pens… and sadly it’s working.

But never be ashamed to admit that you know better.

We are not carbon copies of other people. We were created in God's image.

As I say all of this, I might remind you that a few minutes ago when I started discussing this concept I was talking about Italy and their new prime minister.

But nobody could blame you if you've forgotten that and thought I was speaking about America, because the problems Italians are facing in 2022 are the same problems we're facing here in Texas.

You could argue that those problems actually *are* a carbon copy.

The institutions attacking the identities of Italians are the same institutions attacking the identities of Texans

In response to the election of Italy's new prime minister liberal western media was pretty quick to label her a far-right extremist.

How many of you are getting sick of hearing that phrase?

If you follow the liberal media and academic institutions around our country you might be led to believe just about everything is far right extremism these days.

Christian Conservatives? Far right extremists.

Traditional Republicans? The liberal media says you're all far right extremists.

Libertarians or members of the loosely defined liberty movement? More far right extremists in the eyes of the Washington Post, CNN, the BBC or Italy's most popular news outlets.

But oh it doesn't end there, does it?

If you're a concerned parent who recently got upset at a school board meeting, you too are also a far right extremist.

Hell, for the crime of being a concerned parent the DOJ and FBI may have investigated you for possible domestic terrorism.

Meanwhile the one group of people they don’t investigate are possible school shooters.

Considering their lackluster approach to that sensitive issue and their embracement of things like bond reform one might be led to believe they actually want more gun violence so they can use it as the justification to take our rights away.

Of course, this brings us to another obvious group...

If you're a law-abiding citizen and you believe you have a God given right to defend yourself with a firearm.... you're a far right extremist.

If you think we should preserve old statues and not tear them down like ISIS or the Taliban or Antifa or BLM, you're a far right extremist.

As strange as it may sound... Even notable moderate centrists like Elon Musk and comedians like Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle are branded as far right extremists for simply questioning the narrative and resisting the urge to conform.

An unborn child is a symbol of far right extremism if its mother doesn't believe it's an expandable cluster of cells that only exists to support the state.

And so that's why they’re so eager to call you, or me, or Senator Ted Cruz, or the new prime minister of Italy, or future congressman Wesley Hunt - far right extremists.

And that's when they start throwing that F word, don't they?

You know the word... fffffascism.

Fascism is a dirty F word, isn't it? But most of the people who seem to be using that word the most don't even know what it means.

Fascism, for the record, is an authoritarian political and economic system that combines corporatism with socialism.

Which side of American political discourse does that remind you of? I’ll give you a hint – their favorite news outlets are all sponsored by Pfizer.

If the pandemic has taught us anything - it's that the real fascists are all on the Left.

The real fascists told you to close your business and wear a mask while they partied at French Laundry and flew in private jets to their summer home on Marthas' Vineyard.

The real fascists closed the churches and schools and gyms but kept the fast-food restaurants open... they told it was for our health, but we knew better.

It's becoming pretty obvious that the people the Biden administration or the liberal media or the globalists refer to as 'fascists' are just people who think for themselves and demand evidence before forming opinions.

The real fascists are the ones who cheered when Joe Biden sent government agents to raid his political opponent's private residence.

Mid 20th century European fascists loved to censor speech and believed capitalism was evil and told the masses that the government should control their healthcare system.... And those who don't obey shouldn't be allowed access to the hospitals or even the right to earn a living.

Now I ask you again.... which side of the 21st century American political debate does it sound like I'm describing?

Does the erasure of one's true identity sound like something a modern-day Republican is trying to engage in?

Not quite.

Whether you consider yourself a conservative, or a Republican, or a libertarian, or a populist, it's time for all of us to put our differences aside and focus on defeating the many forms of toxic-“isms” that seek to destroy our unique identities.

Marxism, socialism, communism, collectivism.... the Left affectionately refers to all these things as progressivism.

But there's nothing progressive about destroying the middle class and taking away the culture and heritage and identity of a nation of people.

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