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Topics include everything that matters to the 1.8 million people around Houston who have put their 50th birthdays behind them and aren't looking back.

Treating and Cleaning Wounds

Shrinking Prostate

Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Rodrigo Donalisio da Silva about the prostate.

Where are the Cafeterias?

Today, Doug Pike discusses caferterias, a salmon accident, and eclipse reactions.  

Talking Front Doors w/ Primo Doors

Today, Doug Pike interviews Jason Fortenberry of Primo Doors.

Home Care and Invasive Species

Today, Doug Pike interviews Crystal Walter, MPA, MSW, LCSW about home care for the elderly.  Pike also speaks with Matt Petty about invasive species.  

Botox and Taking Care of your Plants

Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Melissa Christie about botox.  Also, Pike speaks with Justin Hancock about taking better care of your house plants and Plant Con.  

Prepping for the Eclipse

Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Fred Mattioli about protecting your eyes during the eclipse.  

Happy Easter!


Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Nuzha Amjad about osteoporosis.

Sleep Apnea and Golf Legends

Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Lilit Sargsyan about sleep apnea.  Also, Pike speaks with journalist and author Ann Ligouri about her book "Life on the Green: Lessons and Wisdom from Legends of Golf".