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Topics include everything that matters to the 1.8 million people around Houston who have put their 50th birthdays behind them and aren't looking back.

Cats & Cataracts


Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Christina Murdock about sundowning.

Airplane Meal Temper Tantrum

Today, Doug Pike discusses grounding a flight due to an upset passenger, suing a hospital, and the PGA of America tournament.

Doug gets stuck in an Elevator

Today, Doug Pike discusses elevators, Matthew McConaughey, and saving people from drowning.

Protect your Pets from Coyotes

Today, Doug Pike discusses protecting your pets from coyotes.

Doug and Randalls Supermarket

Today, Doug Pike discusses his recent experience at Randalls. ( Show from 9/14/2023 )

Alzheimer's Day

Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Carla Perissinotto about Alzheimer's research. ( Show from 9/13/2023 )

Nasal Congestion

Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Amber Luong about nasal congestion.

Rain might be on the Horizon

Today, Doug Pike discusses the possibility of rain, the Biden's dog, and producer Will's dream.

Problems with Scamming

Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Julia Hiner on the elderly getting scammed.