Lifestyles Unlimited is the expert real estate investing education and mentoring group that walks individuals through the process of creating passive income by effectively investing in residential real estate assets, from Single Family homes to large-scale Multifamily apartment communities; and connects like-minded investors!

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From Rags to Riches: A Journey to Real Estate Retirement

Transform Habits Into Rewards: Training Your Brain to Focus on Net Worth

Mike Harrison breaks down habits into three phases: cue, habit, and reward. He focuses on two common habits: working harder to earn more money and setting aside money for retirement. Mike explains that while the cues remain the same, changing the habit can lead to different rewards. Tune in to learn how adjusting your habits can transform your financial future.

Mastering Cash Flow: Essential Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Andy Webb delves into the essence of cash flow in real estate investing. Discover the key drivers, how to optimize them, and essential risk mitigation strategies to protect your cash flow.

Maximizing Peace, Love, Joy, Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Al Gordon opens up about his journey to maximize peace, love, joy, health, wealth, and happiness in his life. Learn the 6 core principles that lead to a harmonious journey filled with fulfillment and contentment and how integrating these principles into your life can lead to profound changes and prosperity.

Cash Flow vs. ROE: Making the Decision to Sell

Al Gordon discusses his decision to sell the last of his Single Family assets. Despite excellent cash flow, Gordon emphasizes the importance of knowing when and why to sell in your investing strategy, this episode provides valuable insights for real estate investors looking to optimize their portfolios and make informed decisions.

From Hawaii to Texas: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Into Real Estate Investing

Al Gordon speaks with John, an entrepreneur who resides in Hawaii, about his decision to delve into real estate investing. Despite living in paradise, John explains why he opted to invest in Texas rather than Hawaii, sharing his strategic approach to building wealth through real estate investing.

Overcoming the Fears of Making Mistakes in Real Estate Investing

Mike Harrison answers listener questions about real estate. He discusses concerns with buying homes built before 1979, potential pitfalls of owning rental properties, and managing fears of investment mistakes. Mike provides practical tips and insights to help you navigate real estate with confidence, whether you're an experienced investor or a first-time buyer.

Maximizing Cash Flow: The Essential Components of the Leasing Process

Andy Webb dives into the leasing process and its crucial sub-components. With a focus on generating cash flow, Andy explains the importance of determining the right rental rate, rehab strategies, and selecting the ideal residents. Learn how to effectively drive cash flow and maximize returns!

How to Turn $16K Into Over $90K

Al Gordon explains how real estate can pay you in five different ways. Learn how understanding these methods can lead to achieving retirement in five years or less. Today's show highlights a single-family asset that, when managed correctly, delivers impressive results.

Rebuilding and Prospering With Real Estate

Al Gordon sits down with Greg, who retired from Corporate America at 50 but faced a financial hit due to a costly divorce. Despite his background in international finance, Greg wanted to diversify his assets beyond the stock market. He shares why he turned to real estate and the effective strategies he used to generate passive income, reduce taxes, and diversify his portfolio.